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Biz English is an online English teaching company with a team of Teachers who have been in the education industry for more than 14 years.


Some of our staff have taught in the Middle East, Asia, Africa as well as Europe and South America.

Our team comes from native English speaking countries and countries where English is widely spoken. 


Our focus is on IELTS, Business English, Grammar and Conversation classes for adult learners who simply want to improve their English, communicate better at work or take the IELTS exam.


          96%                    90%                     92%

              Of our students think the                         Of our students think their                     Of our students think the course

              course has helped them                           speaking has improved as well              is relevant and has helped them

              in their work                                                 as their listening and grammar             become more confident.                


Our mission is to create value through quality teaching and affordable prices. 

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While our company focuses exclusively on adult education, we appreciate that there are many underprivileged children who are in desperate need of education and training. If we can help through the provision of online English education to young learners then we would certainly consider it. If you're a charity, church or NGO do get in touch with us at         


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Hello, I'm Bronwyn from Cape Town, South africa. I teach Conversational English. I also teach English to professionals in the Construction Industry.

Hope to meet you soon! 

Hi, I'm Wendy from Brisbane, Australia. I teach Conversation, Grammar and Business English classes.

Let's chat soon!